Jamia masjid

Jamia Masjid which is popularly called as the Jama Masjid was established on the land of Jammu & Kashmir in around 1385 by Sultan Sikandar. Due to its brilliant Indo-Saracenic architectural magnificence, Jamia Masjid which is in Srinagar, receives record number of footfalls specially on fridays when prayer sessions are organized.

Jamia Masjid is known as one of the sacred shrines of Islamic followers. Be it the holiness or the constructional elegance, Jamia Masjid is quite unparalleled in every aspect. Comprised of 370 pillars of wood, Jamia Masjid symbolizes one of the best architectural specimen which survived the ravages of time ever since it was constructed in the valley of Jammu & Kashmir.

While looking into the origin and construction of Jamia Masjid, the name of Maharaja Pratap Singh comes several times as it was during his Kingdom that the maintenance and repair works of the Mosque was carried out. Pratap Singh enthusiastically encouraged the re-construction of Jamia Masjid many a time and even offered financial assistance too.

Recitation of holy sermons from the Islamic scripts is a regular act in the Jamia Masjid of Jammu & Kashmir. People from all over the country and also from other nations frequently visit the Mosque of Jamia Masjid. The Muslims consider Jamia Masjid a place where all their sins are erased and blessings are showered from the Almighty.

While taking a tour to the holy sites of Jammu & Kashmir people definitely come to Jamia Masjid as it is believed that without a visit to this pious mosque the pilgrimage remains incomplete.

Jamia Masjid is located in a prominent location of Srinagar. As such reaching Jama Masjid is quite convenient. It can be said that Jammu & Kashmir pilgrim tourism takes a glorious turn at Jamia Masjid.